Non-invasive skin rejuvenation

Modern laser technologies are designed to rejuvenate the skin, depending on the skin aging stage. This is because the stages of skin aging determine the extent of the treatment’s non-invasiveness and its effects on the skin. We look at some of these procedures:

Thermolytic Skin Rejuvenation

The most obvious signs of skin aging is the weakening of blood microcirculation to the papillary layer. As such, laser treatment for this stage improves the coagulation of hypertrophic minor vascular skin structures to restore color and skin nourishment. The procedure also strengthens collagen tissues, which enhances skin elasticity and eliminates the first small wrinkles.

ThermoKinetic Skin Rejuvenation

This treatment eliminates visible signs of skin aging.
The skin is exposed to short-pulse Nd: YAG KTP laser radiation that emits minimum heat. The effect is minimal, and the rejuvenation effect is almost instant.

Fractional Thermolysis

This method is suitable for pronounced age-related skin changes like deep wrinkles, radial upper lip wrinkles, and lines. It works by creating thousands of isolated microcoagulational sections on the skin. Exposure to the laser radiation regenerates skin cells causing them to migrate from the mobilization area to the damaged area to create a renewed cutaneous layer.
G. Evoline UK Ltd offers laser equipment that offers different skin rejuvenation laser treatments.

They include:

Q-SW Nd: YAG KTP: It is part of the EvoRay system and provides treatment for thermokinetic skin rejuvenation Nd:YAG: It performs thermolytic skin rejuvenation procedures for people exhibiting the first signs of aging EvoMatrix system: It performs fractional rejuvenation procedures. The treatment generates a larger beam diameter compared to other laser procedures hence more efficient


The EvoLINE comprises two lasers representing the golden standard of cosmetology and ensures a widest range of their parameters adjustment thus allowing to excellently perform all the popular laser procedures almost without seasonal limitations.

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