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Multifunctional Medical Grade Laser System EvoLINE

The EvoLINE system is comprised of two lasers that represent the gold standard in Aesthetics. It also ensures the widest range of parameter adjustment to allow excellent performance of all of the most popular laser procedures with practically no seasonal limitations.

Removal of unwanted red and fair hair
Removal of unwanted dark hair
Non-invasive vascular lesions treatment
Pigmented lesions treatment
Non-invasive skin rejuvenation
Acne treatment and prevention
Haemangiomas treatment

All EvoLINE products are developed and manufactured at Eastern European factories. Their overall production has received certification for compliance with Quality Management Systems. including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, so each can, and every product offer you only the very best in excellent technical quality.

A Wide Range of Unique Procedures

The EvoLINE device combines two sources of laser radiation, allowing performance of all the popular laser procedures. That’s exactly why the EvoLINE laser system is called a complete cosmetological system and with good reason. Just this one device can give you the ability to create a full-scale treatment for all laser cosmetology.

The Individual Approach & All-Season Universality

The availability of two lasers in just one device can allow you the option of choosing the preferred wavelength, depending upon the solar activity and season. Thanks to this versatility, using your EvoLINE laser system will enable you to conduct your Aesthetics/beauty business year-round with no seasonal limitations. And, the Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers in the system are innovative products that possess a wide range of parameters that are fully adjustable.

That’s the reason that EvoLINE can allow you to select the proper wavelength depending upon the clients/patient’s phototype and the season. It also gives you the option of finely adjusting the treatment protocols according to the individual traits of each and every one of your patients, thereby achieving optimum results.

Highest Treatment Speeds

The EvoLINE was created based upon the most advanced high-power lasers. This means that it offers users all of the technical characteristics as well as the treatment speeds that are actually unattainable for the majority of the systems that are available on the market today.

The EvoLINE also allows the effective treatment of an area in just one pulse measuring more than 3 cm2. This means that you can treat a skin area measuring 10 x 15 см2 in only 30 seconds!

But wait! The EvoLINE’s high treatment speed offers another significant competitive advantage for your clinic. By cutting down on your procedure time for treating larger skin areas, there’s much less fatigue for both the patient and the laser technician. In addition, there’s also a substantial reduction in the prime cost of the procedure.

Patient Comfort & Safety

Minimising Pain

The EvoLINE offers complex laser-pulse structure that is ensured by LaserTrain technology, which is another exclusive advantage. This particular technology is highly effective by exploiting the unique ability of biological tissues to react to laser radiation exposure. This gives you the ability to minimize any patient discomfort during the course of selected procedures. And, LaserTrain technology facilitates the treatment of your patient’s skin with a laser pulse series that has a specially selected duration as well as intervals between them. This results in laser radiation selectively affecting the target areas with no heating of the adjacent tissue. The end result is the minimisation of any painful patient sensations during the course of treatments.

A Real-Time Control System

Since the treatment protocols for a number of procedures come quite close to the coagulation and pain thresholds, ensuring the patient’s comfort and safety is extremely important for maintaining those laser radiation parameters that are selected for the course of treatments.

That’s the primary reason why the EvoLINE is equipped with an intellectual automatic laser-radiation energy-control system. This ensures the highest levels of patient safety and procedure accuracy during treatment.

Convenience for End Users (Doctors, Nurses and Laser Technicians)

The experience of collaborating with several practicing end userss gave the EvoLINE engineers the opportunity for the creation of a range of other significant advantages of the EvoLINE design that can make the users work much more pleasant and comfortable. And, the convenient control panel and intuitive interface allow you to change the treatment parameters in just seconds even during the course of treatment. In fact changing laser radiation wavelengths is as simple as just pressing a button.

Due to the VarioSpot technology used in the EvoLINE, you won’t be distracted during any procedure by the need to replace different handpieces and tips. That’s because a very unique handpiece-translocator is utilised for performing any and all procedures. This allows for the completely smooth change in the beam from 4 mm to 20 mm. In addition, the intellectual spot-size recognition system is also automatically recalculating the laser radiation density of your patient’s skin and displaying that value on the screen.

The EvoLINE offers a built-in aiming laser that has adjustable brightness for improving the treatment precision and reducing the users eyesight fatiguability during the treatment. And, the ergonomic handpiece is light-weight, making it just another unquestionable EvoLINE advantage that's definitely appreciated by end users. The minimum handpiece weight decreases any possibility of the users suffering hand-fatigue or muscular-tremors, allowing for the preservation of the highest level of accuracy in the manipulations even during long procedures.

Maximum Profitability

As far back as EvoLINE's development stage, the main goal was creating a device with not only superior performance, but also to be able to offer you an instrument that can allow your business to experience maximum financial productivity and profitability.

Optimising Your Investment Budget

The EvoLINE comprised of two lasers, an Alexandrite and an Nd:YAG laser. This design was well thought-out and benefits your business by minimising your investment when you buy it. Now, you can have the opportunity of opening your business with a smaller investment by simply starting by using the EvoLINE in the Alexandrite-only or Nd:YAG-only configuration. Then, as your profits grow, you have the ability at any time of upgrading your laser to the top-of-the-line package without taking the cost out of your business budget.

The Best Ownership Cost

In the event that, during the course of long-term EvoLINE operation, you find a reduction of the energy output, don't rush to spend your hard-earned money on a service engineer. The fact is that it can occur simply as a result of certain natural processes like aging of your flash lamp or some other consumable part. Your EvoLINE's self-control function uses the AutoPower technology for allowing you to perform automatic-calibration and bring the laser output energy back to the nominal value in just a matter of minutes. This means that the AutoPower technology can not only be successful at reducing your service costs, but also prolongs the life of the flash lamp, prolonging its life to as many as one million pulses. The bottom line is that the EvoLINE technology provides you with the opportunity of increasing your service intervals and reducing your expenses related to owning your own high-end cosmetological laser.